Deadline for submission of abstracts:

15 November 2018 (Extended)

Notification of accepted abstracts:

15 December 2018

Deadline for submission of full papers

28 February 2019 


Authors will need to submit their full papers in both PDF and MS-Word format to their venues.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: papers cannot exceed 6 pages including the first page with the lens logo, abstract, and authors' information as in the template.

by EasyChair. Contact:

by email:

by email:



Paper Submission:

Authors will need to submit their full papers according to the information given above for each venues. 

Full papers must be up to 5000 words, excluding abstracts and references, and must be structured according to the full paper template. Papers cannot exceed 6 pages for both oral and poster presenters including abstract and references.

All submissions must be in the English language.

You can download the template for the full paper with instruction here and the fonts here
Video Submission:

 All oral presenter will make a video of the same presentation they will make in the conference for their presentation to be screened on the other 5 venues.

Download Video Instructions:
You can download the the guide that includes requirements and suggestions for the oral presentation video here.
You will send the videos to the conference organisers which you submitted your paper to.
The deadline to submit a video is: 7th of March

Poster Submission:

You can download the poster presentation template for the each venue below:

Poster Presentation Template - Bangalore, India

Poster Presentation Template - Beijing, China

Poster Presentation Template - Cape Town

Poster Presentation Template - Curitiba, Brazil

Poster Presentation Template - Mexico City, Mexico

Poster Presentation Template - Milan, Italy

 The deadline to submit a poster is: 7th of March


We are looking for papers presenting, analysing and discussing:


New theoretical considerations of and contributions to the role of design and
other disciplines in the transition towards the Sustainability for All society.


New approaches, strategies, methods and tools to effectively enable development,
 implementation, diffusion and dissemination of Sustainability for All.


Experiences, concrete solutions and artefacts designed and developed as results of research activities, implemented courses/workshops/seminars on Sustainability for All development and diffusion;
Activities by designers, companies, institutions, communities, etc.


Development and diffusion of new Sustainability for All education strategies and curricula.


Contributions may discuss either Design Research for Sustainability (R.DfS), Design Education for Sustainability (E.DfS), Design Practice for Sustainability (P.DfS), and Design for Sustainability in-between Research, Education and Practice (REP.DfS).

We welcome works addressing in one way or another the Sustainable Development Goals tackling any of the following or your suggested topics:

Design for Sustainable Materials and Energy

Product Design for Sustainability

Product-Service System Design for Sustainability

Design for Sustainable Distributed Economies

Design for Sustainable Social Innovation and Behaviour Change

Design for Circular Economy

Design for Sustainable business models

Design for Sustainable Indigenous Practices and Informal Economies

Design for Sustainable Social Innovation and Behavior Change