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Rethinking and Reconstituted materials for a sustainable future — "Reconstituting-Plan" Project as an Example

Over the past two hundred years of the human industrial revolution, we have created an unimaginable material world and have achieved a brilliant success. But at the same time, we are consuming the resources of the earth. Because of the wide use of plastic materials since the 1950s, man-made and synthetic materials occupy a dominant position in the design and product areas. The continuous development and use of materials is like a double-edged sword, which leads us to prosperity and destruction.

Take “Reconstituting-Plan” project of the team as an example to discuss the reorganization and redesign of materials. Rethink people's habits of creating and using materials and  try to turn existing waste into raw materials. On the one hand, this project actively turn rubbish into new products; on the other hand, it try to make Bio Plastic using new formula and kitchen waste. The overall method and model are introduced, compare the performance characteristics of new materials and traditional materials through material recombination, remade, analysis and comparison  designing experiments.

Materials are the foundation of design creation and the key to achieve ecological product design. Ecological and sustainable product design is inseparable from the design of ecological materials and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Authors: Jiajia Song

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  • Venue: China

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