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Transdisciplinary and Intercultural Field Study as A New Approach to Address Climate Change Designerly

Climate change is not only an issue relating to the environment but also the structure of our society. This paper is to discuss a new model of field study to support design to address climate change. The article uses a field study performed in China by an European design school as an example to explain the new model in more detail. This model has three main characteristics: this field study is an explorative process for design with a flexible frame; this field study is a transdisciplinary approach, and the process is an intercultural process. The transdisciplinary approach could provide a holistic solution to form the ‘new’ living. The team members from different cultures could make the process easier to sense the alternative living model and nurture a collective global vision of sustainable development. To conclude, the paper explore how an explorative, transdisciplinary.

Authors: Yue Zou, Zhiyuan Ou

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  • Venue: China

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