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Study on Sustainability of Water Management System in Traditional Villages in Western Zhejiang Province - Taking Shen'ao Village in Zhejiang Province as an Example

Water management skills in the process of traditional village construction carry the wisdom and experience of ancient Chinese sages in understanding and utilizing nature, and are also an important manifestation of the formation and development of Chinese traditional water management culture. Taking Shen'ao Village in Western Zhejiang as a typical case, this paper focuses on how ancient sages created a unique water man agement system in Shen'ao Village based on a variety of water management forms through literature research and field investigation, and analyzes and studies the water management system in Shen'ao Village from four aspects of energy conservation, environment protection, health and comfort, and flexibility and long-term effectiveness, respectively, to explore the sustainable ecological concept behind the water management system. Through the study on the sustainability of the water management system in Shen'ao Village, excellent water management techniques and practical ideas are deeply excavated and drawn on, which can provide useful reference for the sustainable development of new rural construction in China.

Authors: Zhang Yao, Zhou Haoming

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  • Venue: China

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