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Using Emotional Durability for Sustainable Packaging Design Practice based on Usage Scenario

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Every day consumers acting replacement purchases onlineor offlineare causinga negative impact on the environment.Enterprises and designers realizedtheincreasinglyimportance of applying sustainable packaging.This study is aimed atapplyingthe emotionaldurable designstrategyin packagingdesign practiceof Children's Robot DIY Kit, so that the packaging would provide users with additional functions and be reused in a sustainable way.The lecture surveys about emotional durability and reusable packaging cases analysis were both presented in this paper. Additionally, through the observation and interview about the usage scenario of DIY robot kit, the potential needs of children players were found out. Finally, the packaging of robot kit was designed in an emotionally durable way. Giving the ability for user to transform packaging into funny props by hand-made, the product packaging became reusable and promoted experience for product usage.

Authors: Zhang Jifa

Additional Info

  • Topics of presentation: Design for Sustainable Materials and Energy
  • Venue: China

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