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Design and Research of Resource Recycling Service System in Tourist Attractions: Taking International Cruises as an Example

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The rapid development of traditional tourism has seriously affected the ecological environment of tourist attractions, causing many negative impacts. The high-density use of land, water pollution have affected the living patterns of local residents. The existence of these problems has accelerated the over-exploitation of tourism resources in tourist attractions and affected the ecological balance of tourist attractions. Based on the exhaustion and non-renewability of tourism resources, this paper designs the resource recycling service system whichbased on the theory of circular economy and sustainable development. This article will take a number of cases as an example to study the operation of the circulatory system in different places, reasonable classification of domestic garbage, reuse of food, water resources and other wastes, so that China's tourism industry in the process of construction and development, not only promote economic growth, but also in line with sustainable development design.

Authors: Jingrui Shen, Jun Zhang

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  • Venue: China

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