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Interactive Design Strategy for Sustainable Behavior Change Based on Open Source Hardware

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In order to cultivate students' environmental awareness and sustainable design thinking, and try to guide users' sustainable behavior through design. First, typical environmentally friendly interaction design cases are collected and divided into corresponding  intervals of behavioral influence based on the product influentialtypesframework. Then, the multi-sensory experience map and user experience five levels are used to explore the relationship between behavior influential types and key interaction design elements.Through case analysis, the design strategies of different types of behavioral impact are summarized. Finally, based on open source hardware Arduino and sensors, intelligent interactive products are designed. The effectiveness of the design strategy is verified and optimized by curriculum design and exhibition. And the feasibility of carrying  sustainable education training mode in intelligent interaction design is also verified.

Authors: Yongshi Liu, Jing Ou, Yunshuang Zheng, Jun Zhang



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  • Venue: China

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