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Aspects of the Product-Service System in Brazilian Literature

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The Product-Service System (PSS) in Brazilian literature is a theme that has a wide variety of definitions, which focus on different aspects of the theme, generating different approaches. These PSS aspects analysis will contribute to discussions development on the subject. Thus, the objective of this work is to define which approaches Brazilian researchers use to conceptualize this theme. To achieve this goal, a Brazilian literature review was carried out, collecting and grouping the definitions used in each article. As a result, a table was obtained with six groups of PSS concepts: Environment; Innovation; Integration/ Combination; Use-oriented/ Manufacturer’s property; Service-oriented; and Value. It is concluded that there is no universal concept of this theme in Brazilian literature, but its definition varies depending on the focus of each research.

Authors: Camilla Dandara Pereira Leite, Antonio Erlindo Braga Jr.


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  • Venue: Brasil

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