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Bamboo supply chain: opportunity for circular and creative economy

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This paper presents as a theme the productive capacity of bamboo related to the circular and creative economy. It aims to discuss at potentialities for its development in Brazil. It has become clear that the various stages of industrial production must respect the natural capital, rescuing issues such as the extraction of raw material and its impacts, the optimization of resources, the quality of the material, the use of materials available locally, the generation of employment and local income, socio-environmental responsibility and the search for sustainable and low-cost materials. In the national scenario one can see the abundance of bamboo and its economic potential, both on the scale of family and industrial production. At the same time, new ways of thinking about the economy, including circular and creative economy, are gaining space.


Lisiane Ilha Librelotto, Franchesca Medina, Paulo Cesar Ferroli, Emanuele de Castro Nascimento, Luana Toralles Carbonari


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  • Venue: Brasil

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