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Circular Economy, Systemic Design and Social Development in Emerging Economies

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Circular Economy-CE is a systemic change that builds resilience in the long term, creates business opportunities and innovative solutions for the economy, providing environmental and social improvements. However, CE guidelines do not include how to deal with the systemic design of 'circular relations', that should involve the low-income population, as promoters and actors of sustainable development, imperative in emerging economies such as Brazil. This article investigates the lack of theoretical and practical structures, in the convergence between CE and design, which may guide the design of circular, systemic relations for socio-ethical development, proposing a bibliographic review of the CE concepts and guidelines, along with a brief evolutionary description of the approaches of Design for sustainability. Finally, present Brazilian case studies to discuss the power of organized vernacular actions for the inclusion and social development of the marginalized members of society, favoring socioeconomic development in an ethical and equitable way of needy communities within CE systems.

Authors: Priscilla R. Lepre, Leonardo Castillo, Thais Vieira


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  • Venue: Brasil

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