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Children's furniture design of sustainable.

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Through analyzing the process of design and research in the children’s furniture work, “Accompany”, the paper explores
the relationship between the behavior of children aged 3-12 and their furnitures, and proposes the concept of
“sustainability” in children’s furniture design, which is proposed to be “growing up” along with the growth of children.
The “Accompany” is assembled by the limited number of standard wooden parts and hardware, and able to be
re-assembled to the new furnitures by choosing the different combinations of the standard parts and fittings. This
design fits the characteristics and behaviors of children in their fast growing period of time. “Accompany” provides
the sustainable usages to meet the demands of rapid growth of children.

Authors: Xiang Wang, Lulu Chai and Ren Fu

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  • Venue: Mexico

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