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‘Shken’ Naturally Yours – Social dimensions of Sustaining Rural Distributed Bamboo Craft Enterprises of North East India

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The paper presents a model of a sustainable distributed model of a bamboo craft based enterprise through Design
intervention. It is based on a human centric approach of wellbeing and economic growth of the local craft community
of Syntein village in Meghalaya by a strategic intervention of design and development, production optimization
and enterprise modeling of contemporary bamboo products that meet life style aspirations for urban users.
Decentralized and distributed centers of production of home-based enterprises are brought under a unique
brand identity that tap into the potential of diverse craft and handloom traditions unique to the region.
The proposed model offers potential of expansion across other handicraft and handloom traditions that are reflected
across India.

Authors: Ravi Mokashi Punekar, Avinash Shende, Mandar Rane

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  • Venue: India

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