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Anuvad: Creating Sustainable Smart Textiles through the Medium of Traditional Crafts

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This paper works on formulating and discussing a symbiotic integration of technology with traditional craft as a
way of creating sustainable design practices. Craft as a medium allows for products created with emotion and love
and hence are retained with care as opposed to other mechanically created products. Through combining e-textile
technology with craft, this paper hypothesizes creating a two-fold impact on sustainability: by creating hand-crafted,
slow produced products with longevity and by providing economic sustainability to traditional crafts by enabling
them to create a wider product range that allows them to be relevant in the changing times. Eventually, the project
‘Anuvad’, which is the Hindi word for translate, is an enquiry into the combination of technology with crafts and
specifically, textile based traditional Indian crafts. The pilot project under this took place in the village of Bhujodi
in Kutch in the northern part of Gujarat. This concept hypothesizes, a higher functionality of the products created
using e-textile technology. Through slow-production techniques the products created can not only be customised to
meet specific needs but also create products that have a deeper meaning and value.

Authors: Chhail Khalsa

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  • Venue: India

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