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A Toolkit: Fostering a Participatory Study of Sustainable Pavement Development

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Walking is a popular transport means for seniors doing daily errands, and pedestrian pavements play a key role in
influencing the quality of older people’s walking. Walking experience of older pedestrians and their perspectives to
the outdoor environment are crucial in planning and designing pavements. However, their walking experience and
perspective on the pavement are less involved in the process of urban development. A participatory toolkit is created
providing a chance for older people to share their walking experience and to indicate their opinions of the pavement
in a group study conducted by researchers who develop the pedestrian environment. The tool allows users to identify
hazardous factors of the pavement, seek the impact of pavement hazards, and improve the pavement using recommendations.
Based on the outputs of the toolkit, the researchers can have a better understanding of the relationship
between pavements and elderly people and create an age-friendly pedestrian environment.

Authors: Lulu Yin, Eujin Pei

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  • Venue: India

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