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Sustainable Development: Creating a Virtuous Production-Consumption Cycle

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Asian Tiger economies grew on the “consumption = development” paradigm. However this leads to development
that is not sustainable environmentally and economically as evidenced by rising environmental degradation and
inequality. We need a new paradigm of Conscious consumption that can lead to sustainable development. In the
emerging economies of the world, most workers do not earn enough to consume the goods they produce. Can producers
making sustainably sound goods, earn enough to be the next wave of consumers who are conscious in their
consumption habits and create a virtuous production-consumption cycle that is sustainable by its very nature? There
is a case therefore, to build an ecosystem known as the “6C Model “that enables these producers to be consumers
next. Mobile technology allows for distributed manufacture and design at a global scale with the so far ignored informal
sector being at the forefront of sustainable development.

Authors:Jacob Mathew, Fayiqa Halim

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  • Venue: India

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