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Adoption of Bio-Based Economies in Rural Kenya for Improved Livelihoods

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Good livelihoods are a key component to providing adequate health, sustainable energy and satisfactory education
within communities. One approach to providing a means for an efficient system for rural communities in Kenya is
the uptake of bio-based economies. The research is a social change research guided by the transition theory. Anticipated
transitions of the transition theory are applied to understand the relationship of different social contexts within
communities and impacts of various roles. The qualitative study aims to map community member’s perceptions
of available resources and how resources could be used to improve livelihoods. Kenya’s rural areas are vastly distributed
hence rural communities in Murang’a County represent a viable sample with which to test a bio-based economy
approach. The study will contribute not only an understanding of hierarchies in roles within the process network,
but also provide socio-economic development hypothesis towards the successful adoption of bio-based economies.

Authors: Pauline N. Mutura, Dr. Wairimu Maina, Dr. Peter Kamau

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  • Venue: India

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