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Organic Farming as a Livelihood Opportunity and Well-Being for Sundarban Farmers

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The challenges for small holding agriculture in India are quiet demotivating specially in the regions where education
and awareness level is low and poverty is high. One such region in India is Sundarbans, West Bengal. Therefore the
study was conducted with marginalised farmers of Sundarban. The study attempts to Explore different opportunities
and challenges related to livelihood and wellbeing among extremely marginalised farmers through organic farming
adoption. The study also identified different factors or categories realted to organic farming practice and evaluate
the relationship between them. The farmers and eco volenteers from an NGO were interviewed and Grounded
theory was applied to analyse the information. 42 items were itentified through Open coding , 7 categories evolved
through Axial coding . Organic Farming Adoption is identified as the core category through Selective coding.

Authors: Sanjukta Ghosh

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  • Venue: India

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