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Co-designing a community centre in using multi-modal interventions

Written by Kim Berman , Boitumelo Kembo-Tolo

The rural-urban migration of young people leaves the elderly in a vulnerable position that threatens the social
sustainability of rural communities. This article presents an innovative and multi-modal design approach utilised
within a community engagement intervention conceptualised with the Lotlhakane1 village community in the North
West Province. The intervention is designed to specifically support the elderly, also, revive and disseminate sustainable
indigenous knowledge and practices. The aim is to collectively, in collaboration with the community, develop
and design a community centre that will support the above, in addition to advocating for the transferral of indigenous
knolweldge and practices to the nextgeneration.

Authors: Kim Berman, Boitumelo Kembo-Tolo.

Additional Info

  • Venue: Italy

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