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Optimization and LCSA-based design method for energy retrofitting of existing buildings

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This paper aims to provide a framework for integration of life cycle sustainability assessment into design process. For this purpose, at first the meaning of efficiency will be defined mathematically by proposing a set of equations. The equations will be designed to be capable to measure life cycle values and costs and able to provide a comparative index for each design alternative applicable in an optimization process. Finally, in order to evaluate the performance of our proposed integrated design-assessment framework, a set of design variables of a building envelope such as geometry and construction materials will be selected as optimization variables. By using parametric design software and simulation tools such as Rhino-Grasshopper and Energy plus, our proposed framework will be applied on a hypothetical case study, then the results and future development and research directions in this field will be discussed.

Authors: Hashem Amini Toosi, Monica Lavagna

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  • Topics of presentation: Design for Sustainable Materials and Energy
  • Venue: Italy

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