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Authors: Fernando Rafael Calzadilla Sánchez

The paper presents a model of a sustainable distributed model of a bamboo craft based enterprise through Design
intervention. It is based on a human centric approach of wellbeing and economic growth of the local craft community
of Syntein village in Meghalaya by a strategic intervention of design and development, production optimization
and enterprise modeling of contemporary bamboo products that meet life style aspirations for urban users.
Decentralized and distributed centers of production of home-based enterprises are brought under a unique
brand identity that tap into the potential of diverse craft and handloom traditions unique to the region.
The proposed model offers potential of expansion across other handicraft and handloom traditions that are reflected
across India.

Authors: Ravi Mokashi Punekar, Avinash Shende, Mandar Rane

Sharing behaviour patterns have inspired and have been formalized into different service systems and these sharing
systems have gained attention recently. With the rise of (Information and communications technologies) ICTs and
peer to peer (P2P) services enabling collaborative consumption have been supported with more developed web sites
and easy to use mobile applications.
Since Turkey has uniquely rich and multifaceted cultural heritage flourishing from many different traditions,
“sharing” in different cases is one of these oldest rituals embedded in Turkish cultural DNA. This habitude has been
turned into product sharing systems where members share their underused belongings with other members. This
paper specifically focuses on a product sharing initiative in Turkey (Library of Stuff ) as a single case to examine its
infrastructure, its design, strengths and weaknesses.

Authors: Can Uçkan Yüksel & Çipdem Kaya Pazarbaşı