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As a design strategy with great sustainable potential, product-service systems are widely used to discuss issues related
to sustainable developpment. However, systems that are not properly designed will generate further serious irreversible
consequences on the environment. It is therefore necessary to accurately assess and analyze the environmental
impact of product-service system solutions. This paper expands the method of environmental life cycle analysis from
the analysis of products to the analysis and evaluation of product-service systems, discusses life cycle differences between
product-service systems and traditional product models, and demonstrates the application of life cycle analysis
methods to systems. The process unit establishment method was applied in sustainable design curriculum, in which
a sustainable takeaway lunch service system solution that was proposed in the course was tested. The process unit
was described to provide a theoretical basis and support for future in-depth measurement and analysis.

Authors: Nan Xia

This paper presents a strategic analysis tools that can help a designer in Sustainable Product-Service System Design
with an intervention focus on Socio-Economic Ecosystems (SEE) that seem typical of multi-cultural and diverse
communities engaged in distributed economic activities. The research questions for this paper are:
1. To what extent the MSDS (Methodology for System Design for Sustainability) is applicable for design of
S.PSS for SEE?
2. What could be a possible sustainability-orienting design approach for S.PSS in the context of SEE, which
caters to its unique nature?
Using Design Science Research Methodology, we redesigned the strategic analysis part of MSDS. The redesigned
strategic analysis consists of various tools suited for design of S.PSS in the context of SEE. The proposed
tools are for identifying the actors and their activities in the ecosystem; understanding the infrastructure and needs
of the actors; clarifying the goal, problem statement definition, design brief and unit of satisfaction using participatory
method; and, finally for competitor analysis.

Authors: Sharmistha Banerjee, Pankaj Upadhyay and Ravi Mokashi Punekar

Authors: M Deminey, A Breytenbach