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beijing poster Yun-ting Gao

Yun-ting Gao is a qualified designer with a master degree and over 10 years of freelance design experience. Gao is also a multidisciplinary researcher with core focus on design for sustainability, art theory and design higher education. Gao previously worked as international seaman and club singer, and currently working as a executive director, researcher and teacher at the green environment art design research center in Guangdong Baiyun University, based in Guangzhou. His academic opinions: sustainability should keep pace with function, which is a basic essential content that must be considered in design; Design without sustainable attribute is not a design; the integration of ecology and emotion under the sustainable framework will be another starting point for the development, deepening and popularization of sustainable design. Gao current key scientific research project, called “Research on Sustainable Architecture Design Based on Humanistic Perspective” began in April 2017. So far, Gao have presided over and participated in more than 10 scientific research projects, completed more than 10 design projects, and published nearly 30 academic papers, some of which have won Chinese high-level awards or been included. His representative monograph is “Humanistic Connotation of Green Interior Environment Design”.



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