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milan oral Elena Elgani

Architect, PhD in Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design at Politecnico di Milano with the thesis “Wandering Hospitality. Temporary Interiors for Urban Events” (2016). She’s currently developing her research and professional practice in the field of interior architecture and design focusing on new processes of transformation and hybridization of interior spaces like the system of contemporary hospitality (hotel, hostels, urban camping), spaces for working and production. She is also interested in temporary architecture and exhibitions, as well as trends research for the interior design field and future lifestyles.

Since 2010 she collaborates as assistant lecturer in interior architecture and interior design at Politecnico di Milano, being involved in several didactic activities: research projects, lectures, mentoring for thesis, workshops. She is tutor for the Executive Master in Design Management for Innovative Environments led by – Milano and Tongji University – Shanghai. Since 2016 she has worked as adjunct professor at School of Design, Politecnico di Milano. In 2018 Elena has become member of LeNSlab POLIMI - Research Lab on Design and Innovation for Sustainability.

Elena is also interior designer at Salamanca Design&co., where she mainly develops projects for events, fairs and concepts for the interior design field (

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Oral Presentations:

Indoor Environmental Quality design of hotels in the United States and Europe

Additional Info

  • Affiliation: CETT-UB, School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy

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